Health tip

Rosemary, I learned today,  is an excellent memory aid. Apparently if you sniff it every day, or something,  your memory improves by as much as mumble percent. 

I am impressed by this. I think a few dots need can be joined. Because as is fairly well known, the best thing to stick rosemary in is a leg of lamb. 
Accompanied, of course, by garlic – the health giving properties of which are also reasonably well established (helps blood pressure, also the immune system, scares vampires off, etc etc).
Bung in some red wine – which a lot of folk with impressive sounding sciencey letters after their names have told us is also pretty damn good for the ol’ bod.
I think we’ve established now, without doubt, that roast lamb is a health food. 

2 thoughts on “Health tip

  1. Mmm. Our wee dog for whatever reason walks through our rosemary bush regularly then jumps on the bed, or couch, or whatever, and it's all we can smell. Yet my and Mrs H's memories are pretty shite (could be the alcohol) and Daisy dog is stupid as a brick.

    Theory sounds a bit suspect. However, lamb fat is great cholesterol.


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