Journalists are known and celebrated for both our organisational ability and numeracy skills.
Mostly, we’re known and celebrated for not having them.
This is an infuriating generalisation, of course But,  (a) like most generalisations it has more than a grain of truth and (b) journalists, as a group, are really in no position to grizzle about other people making generalisations about us.
OK, this is a start….


In my own case, I’m a journo with an ongoing interest in economic and related matters, which assumes* at least a bit of mathematical ability. I’ve also been freelancing for 16 years, as of this week.

It seems to suggest a bit of organisational nous.

Other journos have commented on my organisational ability and my ability with maths. This is a bit like being complimented by Vladimir Putin for your ability to get on with the neighbours.

My Better Half, who is Dutch, is inclined to collapse in hysterical laughter when I tell her other journos think I’m good at this stuff.

…and this isn’t a finish

According to family legend, my younger sister (then aged 10) had to put my school lunch together when I was in the 7th form because otherwise I’d have forgotten it.

I have no personal memory of this, but of course to the rest of my family that proves the point. When I point out I actually have a very good memory, they say things like “yeah – for political stuff, and historical dates and things like that. But what did you have for breakfast, and where are your car keys right now?”

Both unfair, trick questions, in my book.

The reason I’m writing this is I began a re-organisation of the home office over the Easter break and I am still suffering.

So this is an example of that most important sub-genre of blog posts: the Procrastination Post.

I reckon these account for around half the stuff written in social media, and that is being generous.

Normal service will be resumed once I’ve worked out just what normal is.

*Please note: this word is chosen with great care. 

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