Kiwi Music Month 3 songs for final day – 3 – The Clean: Anything Could Happen

Ahh… One of those ‘moment’ songs. Straight out of school, straight out of the country, to Wellington Polytech journalism course. Walking down Devon St to Polytech and hearing this coming out of one of the student flats and thinking, that’s just how I feel….

Danse Macabre – Between The Lines

Bit slow at the moment…got a bug. Feel as though I’ve been in an incubator with half a dozen Mexican Pig Farmers.

This one was on the ‘ More Hits and Myths ‘ compilation. It is also yet another song from the early 1980s with a video which featured shots of Auckland CBD.

Future historians wanting to see how Auckland looked around 1979-81 will find music videos a primary source, I’m sure of it.

Kiwi Music Day 18: The Swingers – One Good Reason

Their first single, before ‘Counting the Beat’. Like this one better.

Nice shots of Auckland CBD, 1980. Memories of going up there from Waiuku with a carload of mates around that time.

I tried posting this yesterday but it didn’t take. Trying again…

Kiwi Music day 15…The Able Tasmans – Hold Me 1

Bit late today…this is from one of my favourite NZ albums ever, the Able Tasmans’ ‘Hey Spinner!’

Lyrically I have to say I think this is a bit weak. But I love the joyous cascading waterfall of keyboards, drums, and violin.

The Able Tasmans weren’t in many ways a typical Flying Nun band: their sound is, I think, very like the early Split Enz.

A mix of keyboard-led melodies and slight dorkiness. Its a very Kiwi thing, I think.

Kiwi Music Month Day 13: The Warratahs – St Peters Rendevous

Warning: the technical quality of this is pretty rough. But its an amazing song.

Came out in ’88, or around then. Full of emotion: mourning for the old NZ which was dying, bankrupt, and which becomes a metaphor for the mute mutual love and angry incomprehension between dying father and a rebellious son.