A note on the sciencey wave thing.

John Birmingham has a good take on that science-ey announcement about gravitational waves , here. 

One of my big life decisions,  a few weeks into fifth form, was that if science would leave me alone I would leave it alone.

It’s not a decision which has caused me huge regrets, with the exception of a three hour period at the end of that year in a School Certificate examination hall. Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 7.29.16 AM

If I have absorbed this week’s news correctly, (and we should, at this moment, simply assume a given value of ‘absorb’ and not examine the depth or rate of that absorption too microscopically) there has been a Scientific Breakthrough.

It involves Einstein being proved right.

Now, there’s probably no huge surprise there. If it comes to picking blokes who are going to be right about things, the scraggly haired brainbox is probably not a bad bet.

He is right about something called Gravitational Waves.

He had a theory they might exist, and turns out they do.

Black holes are also involved.

String theory may come in to the picture somewhere as well, too, although there hasn’t been any mention of this in the coverage I have seen.

It all ties in with the Theory of Relativity.

Or so I gather.

The one thing I am certain of is this year is the centenary of Einstein coming up with that little purler.

E = MC2 appears to be involved as well, which doesn’t come as a big surprise, all things considered. It usually pops up somewhere, in my experience.

Any way, its all Important Stuff.

Well Done, Albert.

The Winner, and Still Champion.