For NZ Music Month: Bill & Boyd – Abergavenny (NZ) 1969

Not, technically,  a New Zild song – it is about a place in Wales and was a big hit for English singer Marty Wilde in the late ’60s.

But hell, ‘Gumboots’ isn’t a Kiwi song either. Nor is ‘Ten Guitars’. Yet New Zealanders have taken them to their hearts, like a kind of musical cholesterol.

Back in the Bad Ol’ Days, on NZBC television, local singers did versions of the current hit songs, in a characteristic New Zild way.

So here we have marching girls. Are marching girls still a thing?  They used to be huge in this country. I have no idea why.

This was probably on Happen Inn, a music show on the telly in the late 1960s hosted by Pete Sinclair. They used to do things like this.

The singers are Bill and Boyd. They later grew moustaches, moved to Australia, sang ‘Put Another Log on the Fire‘ and ‘Santa Never Made it in to Darwin’. 

I think there’s still a warrant out.