Thought for the Day – Spilt Religion

‘By the perverted rhetoric of Rationalism your natural instincts are suppressed and you are converted into an agnostic. Just as in the case of the other instincts, Nature has her revenge. The instincts that find their right and proper outlet in religion must come out in some other way. You don’t believe in God, so you begin to believe that man is a god. You don’t believe in Heaven, so you begin to believe in a heaven on earth. In other words, you get romanticism. The concepts that are right and proper in their own sphere are spread over, and so mess up, falsify and blur the clear outlines of human experience. It is like pouring a pot of treacle over the dinner table. Romanticism then, and this is the best definition I can give of it, is spilt religion.’


T E Hulme



On the Collins reinstatement….

“Mr Key has used quite a bit of his own political capital in bringing Mrs Collins back.

The question is whether Mrs Collins herself realises this. Certainly comments from her this morning, that her year away from cabinet responsibilities has given her more confidence, will not strike her colleagues as being quite the lesson she had to learn from her 14-month demotion to the backbenches.”

From NBR ONLINE column, Collins Back as Minister for Trolling,  for those who have a subscription.

Hager, govt power and toadying

Column in NBR today (behind the paywall, sorry).

‘”Company policy” is an awful creation,  a cancer of the character…You can’t outsource common sense or character in such a way. It is a gigantic cop out. And when it comes to governments, such governments have to justify themselves to citizens – not the other way around.

It is not about – to use those hackneyed terms, ”right” vs. “left”.

It is about, in the end, free citizens versus over-reaching, arrogant officialdom.’