Another Girl another planet

It’s a flying fish, this song. Or an acrobatic dolphin. The build up is like something large and fast coming to the surface of the ocean: then it bursts through in an incredible rush of speed and exhilaration.

The Only Ones was the band, and they were the one-liest of One Hit Wonders. This mob burst on the charts, came and went in the sort of rush the song captures, sometime back when I was in the fifth or sixth form (I don’t remember exactly). 

I don’t think they did anything else to excite record buyers, but this song puts them right up there as turning out one of the best singles of all time.

OK, maybe I’m getting carried away there. But only a bit.

It also has to be in the running for Best Guitar Solo Ever, but the rhythm guitar, base and drums provide the landing strip for the solo to take off from.

Because that’s what it does: it soars, this song. And the soaring is all from the playing, ‘cos the vocalist sounds bored, almost catatonic.

Maybe because he’s just trying too hard to be cool singing a song about the exuberance, the sheer giddy goofiness of adolescent love.