Return of the Short Ginga Duchess…

Since Bowie-related stuff is still in the ether, since I’m taking a tea break, and since apparently today is Hug a Ginga Day….Here’s Lulu doing ‘The Man Who Sold the World’. 

I gather it was Bowie’s idea she cover the song – he plays saxophone on it and may have produced as well.

 It’s probably the best thing Lulu ever recorded – not so much Return of the Thin White Duke as Return of the Short Ginga Duchess- even if she seems a bit bewildered at times during this UK Top of the Pops clip (watch the eyes. There’s a few ‘WTF?’ moments). 

It’s a measure of Bowie’s brilliance he could pull off something as mainstream pop as this, and something like ‘Low’. Man, the guy had range.

I can remember this being a hit in New Zild – not sure when, sometime in the mid-70s. Can  recall hearing it on the radio at the summer place we used to stay. I thought she was singing about the man who stole the world, which was confusing: had a mental image of someone trying to hoist a globe onto his back.