Worthy Pursuits [chough!!}

Wednesday. Lets see.

Got up.  Coughed up green stuff.  Had breakfast.  Of grapefruit and stir-fry garlic, ginger, broccoli carrots and almonds.  [what? Who are you calling weird??]

And tea. Lots of tea.

Got email about press conference.  Got another email asking about rumours about Richard Worth.

Cried off press conference as I seem to have a factory producing radioactive slimy kryptonite somewhere in my lungs.

Got tape of press conference.  Apparently worth has done unspecified Bad Things and is being stood down.

Way to go, PM’s office.  Excellent damage control. You just set half the journalists in the country chasing every possible rumour about Worth. It’s not like we had a lot on, anyway.

Got a couple more phone calls asking about various rumours about Richard Worth. I wheeze some I have heard.

By lunchtime I’ve heard half a dozen new rumours about Worth and I’m not even in Parliament Buildings.

Wrote column about superannuation.  Talked to some economists.

Went to doctor. Tell him I’m feeling better, he says no I don’t and writes out a scrip.

 Then he quizzes me about Richard Worth rumours.