Diversion on Brexit, disclaimers, holiday reading, etc 

Kudos to whoever wrote this headline, in the Times Literary Supplement.

It also contains the most subtly double-edged disclaimers I’ve ever read, by reviewer James O’Brien about one of the authors under review: 

‘To declare an interest, we once shared desk space on the Daily Express, but he gave little indication then of possessing the powers of diplomacy and affability necessary to enjoy the trust of all the furiously warring factions within both sides of two even more furiously warring armies.’

Thought for the day – on daydreaming

‘What are the satisfactions of solitude? Silence, or choosing to fill the silence; the space to concentrate; equally important, the freedom not to concentrate – to dawdle imaginatively, to “think” about nothing in particular. It has never seemed so urgent to make the case for the daydreamer as an endangered species. Time thinking about nothing is time well spent.’

– James Campbell, in last week’s Times Literary Supplement

Thought for the Day….

Mason is a Marxist of the school that in the 1980s was writing about “late capitalism”….The Marxists have never quite got over the fact that the 1980s actually turned out to be the period of late socialism.

– Paul Collier, writing in the Times Literary Supplement last week.

For the full, immensely thought provoking article, it’s here.  Collier  poses some awkward questions for most of us who think about these things.