Victoria Wood

“I know I’ve got a degree. Why does that mean I have to spend my life with intellectuals? I’ve got a lifesaving certificate but I don’t spend my evenings diving for a rubber brick with my pyjamas on.”

Genuine laugh-out-loud line from Victoria Wood. This is becoming the Year of Obituaries – she died of cancer overnight, only 62.

First time I saw her was on one of the Secret Policeman’s Ball concert films – she sang a song about being fed up with men. It seemed a shame. She seemed quite cuddly.

It seemed a shame. She seemed quite cuddly.

She actually seemed a bit out of place amongst the clever if rather cold English comedians who dominated that sort of show – sharp and clever, certainly, but with a down-to-earth warmth which they lacked.

Sometimes the infectious jolliness got a bit OTT but this has some very clever lines. It’s about babyboomers.