10+ Case Diagram For Atm

10+ Case Diagram For Atm. The relative textual description is provided in appendix b. An atm is an electronic device designed for automated dispensing of money.

Atm Use Case Diagram — UNTPIKAPPS from www.untpikapps.com

This is shown by an arrow running from the actor to the use case. In this example, customer, who are the user of. And here's a sequence diagram for an atm system.

All these use cases also involve bank actor whether it is related to customer transactions or to the atm servicing.

10+ Case Diagram For Atm. Uml use case diagram examples. Chapter 8 atm traffic management case studies and configuration examples. Use case diagram for atm banking system go to atm system use case page where you can edit this diagram. Use case diagram for atm could show users of atm, some or all of use cases, boundary of the system.

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