10+ Heart Valves Diagram

10+ Heart Valves Diagram. Understanding heart valves anatomy is important in grasping the overall function of the heart. The heart has two types of valves that keep the blood flowing in the correct direction.

Left Atrial Enlargement - Health Hearty
Left Atrial Enlargement – Health Hearty from www.buzzle.com

To better understand your valve condition, it helps to know the role each heart valve plays in providing healthy to better understand your valve condition and what your health care provider will discuss, it. The heart valves are four valves that prevent blood from flowing in a direction opposite to the correct flow of blood through the heart and the arteries, as well as allowing a contraction of the heart to force the blood in one direction. If severe, valve disease can cause congestive heart failure.

The valves are located between the atria and ventricles and in the two arteries that empty blood from the ventricles.

10+ Heart Valves Diagram. The heart valves can be broken down into two types: They are rather like gates which prevent blood from flowing in the wrong direction. The heart has 4 chambers, 2 upper chambers (atria) and 2 lower chambers (ventricles). The heart is a muscular organ that pumps blood throughout the body.

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