11+ Component Diagram For Atm System

11+ Component Diagram For Atm System. A component diagram depicts how components are wired together to form larger components or software systems. Withdraw cash, make deposit.use case diagram for atm could show.

ATM UML Diagrams Solution | ConceptDraw.com from www.conceptdraw.com

O o o o o o o. A component diagram, also known as a uml component diagram, describes the organization and wiring of the physical components in a system. Download scientific diagram | component diagram for atm system 4.2.

Uml class diagram for atm machine is shown below.

11+ Component Diagram For Atm System. The dotted lines with circles at. Automated teller machine (atm) also known as abm (automated banking machine) is a banking system. Shown below is the class diagram for the atm system. Continues to videotape the customer.

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