11+ Diagram Of Double Circulatory System

11+ Diagram Of Double Circulatory System. Human blood circulatory system circulates about 240 to 360 liters of blood per hour bathing each living cell present in the internal sea of ecf also known as cardiovascular or double circulatory system that is responsible for the transportation of oxygen, carbon dioxide, nutrients and other. The pulmonary circuit is between the heart and lungs.

Understanding Heart Disease "d0e1032"
Understanding Heart Disease "d0e1032" from publishing.cdlib.org

While it may take a bit more energy than a single circulatory system, this system is much more efficient. Combined with the cardiovascular system, the circulatory system helps to fight off disease, helps the body maintain a normal body temperature, and provides the right chemical balance to provide the body's homeostasis, or state of balance among all its muscular system. Types of circulatory system diagrams.

As seen in the diagram above, the circulatory system spans the entire body.

11+ Diagram Of Double Circulatory System. Want to learn more about it? Designers also selected these stock illustrations. Another system, called the circulatory system, transports materials from the digestive and the the circulatory system, which is made up of the heart and blood vessels, allows blood to flow to all the diagram shows which blood types are compatible. The circulatory system is in control of the flow of blood, oxygen and other gases.

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