11+ Flex Sensor Circuit Diagram

11+ Flex Sensor Circuit Diagram. The sensor bends in one direction, the more it bends, the higher the resistance gets. One is 2.2 inch and another is 4.5 inch.

(PDF) Data glove with a force sensor. from www.researchgate.net

This sensor can detect flexing or bending in one direction. Of servo motor control using flex sensor and arduino. These sensors are easy to use, they are basically resistors that change value based on how much their flexed.

The flex sensor like most of the sensors measures the physical quantity but do so in the unique way.

11+ Flex Sensor Circuit Diagram. In the diagram, the resistance of the sensor is 30k arduino interface circuit. Tactilus® flex is ideal for any application or device that requires the measurement of a repetitive bending, striking deflection, acceleration or range of motion. As we have learned in the previous discussion that the flex sensor measures the. A flex sensor or bend sensor is a sensor that measures the amount of deflection or bending.

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