11+ For Loop Sequence Diagram

11+ For Loop Sequence Diagram. With a minimum iterations guard, the loop must execute at least the number of times indicated, whereas with a maximum iterations guard the number of loop executions cannot exceed the number. In general, frames consist of some region of a sequence diagram that is divided into one or more fragments.

Loop Fragment | Sequence Diagram Template
Loop Fragment | Sequence Diagram Template from online.visual-paradigm.com

A sequence diagram is a type of interaction diagram because it describes how—and in what order—a group of objects works together. That does not change the drawing, but may improve readability. Sequence diagrams are organized according to time.

The time progresses as you go down the page.

11+ For Loop Sequence Diagram. A combined fragment consists of one or more interaction operands, and each of these encloses one or more messages, interaction uses, or combined fragments. This sequence of events is summarized in the following diagram: (as usual with uml, the semantics a. Choices and loops can be model in sequence diagrams by using uml combined fragments and interaction operands as shown in the following screenshot.

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