11+ Intellij Show Class Diagram

11+ Intellij Show Class Diagram. That's why intellij idea also has another action called diagram popup mapped to ctrl + alt + u (cmd + alt + u for os x). When it comes to drawing uml for that reason, i decided to write a golang library to generate class diagrams from a golang project.

Intellij Uml Sequence Diagram – General Wiring Diagram from cdn.visual-paradigm.com

You can see that class owner has 15 dependencies on class pet, while pet has 5 dependencies on analyzing maven dependencies. You'll see zoomed out dependency. I have always been a fan of plantuml.

As a result, we get a beautiful diagram.

11+ Intellij Show Class Diagram. In most uml models these types include Once a uml class is associated with a java source by code reversal/generation, you can select from source file the selecting uml class in diagram. In this example, the relationship between student and college is shown which is studies. Although, you are supposed to go the other.

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