11+ Led Cube 4X4X4 Circuit Diagram

11+ Led Cube 4X4X4 Circuit Diagram. * it makes you think and problem solve. This folder contain sample source code for 4x4x4 led cube and circuit diagram for it.

3D LED Cube (4x4x4) | EngineersGarage
3D LED Cube (4x4x4) | EngineersGarage from www.engineersgarage.com

So for that, we need 64*3 pins, an arduino board can't do that alone. You just need to solder in the leds and assemble the 3d matrix. So with this feature, it allow us to control 4x4x4 led cube using arduino uno board without i/o expansion ic.

Start the construction from the top layer, it will make the work easy.

11+ Led Cube 4X4X4 Circuit Diagram. The circuit diagram is shown in circuit diagram tab.… The only necessary drive circuitry and some current limiting resistors for all the as the circuit is supposed to be driven by a 5v arduino and the leds we have used can be driven with. Because is my first electronic project, i connect leds on layers(horizontally) with common anodes and vertically with common cathodes. Using 64 led to create a cube, it separates to 4 layers and every layer have 16 led which is connecting each other layer.

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