11+ Transistor As A Switch Circuit Diagram

11+ Transistor As A Switch Circuit Diagram. Transistor as a switch circuit diagram. Most of microcontrollers work within 5 volt environment and the i/o port the above diagram show a typical microcontroller interface circuit using npn transistor;

How Transistor Works as Switch. NPN and PNP transistor working from circuitspedia.com

Dividing 5.3 by 1,000 gives the current at 0.0053 a, or 5.3 ma. The transistor as a switch circuit diagram is. Join our community of 625,000+ engineers.

You can see as the variable resistor or.

11+ Transistor As A Switch Circuit Diagram. The rb resistor is used to control the current on base terminal. Use an sl100 /bc107 transistor as switch. A small current or voltage at the base allows a larger voltage to flow through the other two leads (from the collector to the emitter). This leads to an improvement in efficiency and compression in size.

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