12+ Use Case Diagram Of Atm Management System

12+ Use Case Diagram Of Atm Management System. Here, is an example of sequence diagram for withdrawing amount from atm. Use case diagrams describe the functionality of a system and users of the system.

Hotel management system ( Use Case Diagram (UML)) | Creately from app.creately.com

Use cases of super admin are manage customer, manage employees, manage accounts, manage fixed deposit, manage saving account, manage. The diagram is used to model the system/subsystem of an following is a sample use case diagram representing the order management system. Atm or rather automated teller machine is also called as any time money by many.

An automated teller machine ( atm ) or the automatic banking machine ( abm ) is a banking subsystem ( subject ) that provides bank in atm usecase diagram , is it possible to connect maintenance and stocker actors with customer actor usecases ?and how?

12+ Use Case Diagram Of Atm Management System. Atm system is widely used as examples when it comes in this example, customer, who are the user of atm is modeled as actor. Any feedback would be welcomed. Use case diagram for bus reservation system is shown below. Uml case study—courseware management system.

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