13+ About Uml Diagrams

13+ About Uml Diagrams. The unified modeling language (uml) is a standard visual modeling language to document business processes and software architecture using an example of such process is rational unified process (rup). Uml is a diagramming language for specifying, designing, and visualizing the components of a software system.

Available UML diagrams and predefined primitive types ...
Available UML diagrams and predefined primitive types … from support.bizzdesign.com

Structure diagrams depict the static elements of your application (its parts and how they relate). Learn everything you ever wanted to know about uml activity diagrams. It's one of the most popular forms of diagramming in software development and became an iso standard in 1997.

Class diagrams are the most important uml diagrams used for software application development.

13+ About Uml Diagrams. Uml is a unified modeling language, that can be applied in banking, finance, internet, aerospace, healthcare and other business activities. The plugin is installed and enabled by default. The omg's unified modeling language™ (uml®) helps you specify, visualize, and document models of software systems you can model just about any type of application, running on any type and combination of hardware, operating system, programming language, and network, in uml. These terms are often used interchangeably.

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