13+ Collaboration Diagram For Atm

13+ Collaboration Diagram For Atm. Here, is an example of sequence diagram for withdrawing amount from atm. Programs and notes for mca.

ATM UML Diagrams
ATM UML Diagrams from www.startertutorials.com

The various classes involved in the system are: Uml diagrams for atm machine. One is sequence diagram and the other is a collaboration diagram.

See the interactions below for specific concrete cases.) collaboration realizing specifics of inquiry transaction use case.

13+ Collaboration Diagram For Atm. Generate a collaboration diagram for atm system. A free customizable atm uml collaboration template is provided to download and print. Open this template to view a detailed example of a class diagram for atm that you can customize to your use case. Uml class diagram for atm machine is shown below.

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