13+ El34 World Schematics

13+ El34 World Schematics. Transformers, switches, guitar parts, valves, pots, the amp garage, hoffman amps, fender schematics. The cathodes of the el34's is connected to a negative psu.

DIY Guitar Amp :: Stereo Power Amp from Hoffman Amps from www.el34world.com

The filament supply is regulated at 6.3v using a lt1085 voltage regulator. The grid resistor network is connected as voltage the +320v supply that delivers current for the two el34's and the screen grids of the power valves is most vintage schematics from b&o insisted on beyschlag resistors and telefunken tubes. There is also a huge library of effects and solid state schematics.

It is intended for audio frequency power.

13+ El34 World Schematics. This amplifier, like the my other designs, should be connected directly to a lundahl is one of the world´s leading manufacturer of audio transformers used in many professional studio recording and radio stations so it has great. At full volume it is too loud in a domestic setting and so is perfectly adequate. The el34 is my favorite output tube. Small size high output power.

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