13+ L298N Circuit Diagram

13+ L298N Circuit Diagram. Here are the ic's ratings: Wiring diagram and many example codes included!

Motor Driver Module-L298N - Wiki
Motor Driver Module-L298N – Wiki from wiki.sunfounder.cc

L298 is a dual full bridge driver that has a wide operating voltage range and can handle load currents up to the state of the motor will depend on the logic level of the pins 10, 11, 12 and it is described in the table shown below the circuit diagram. As can be see that there are four input pins and four output pins along them two enable pins are also available in chip. This module uses the pwm method to control the speed of dc motors.

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13+ L298N Circuit Diagram. Controls 2 dc motors @2a max per dc motor, or one stepper motor. The l298n module has a very famous l298 motor driver ic which is the main part of this module. L 298 is a dual full bridge driver that has a capability to bear high voltage as well as 5. This module consists of an l298 motor driver ic and a 78m05 5v regulator.

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