13+ Use Case Diagram Application

13+ Use Case Diagram Application. Use case diagrams are used to gather the requirements of a system including internal and external influences. They also help identify any internal or external factors that may influence the system and should be taken into consideration.

Use case diagram example for mobile application
Use case diagram example for mobile application from teachersretyred.com

The diagram is used to model the system/subsystem of an application. And finally, they show a basic flow of what the system or application does. A student actor can check attendance, timetable as well as test marks on the application or a system.

A simple visualization of use cases.

13+ Use Case Diagram Application. A use case diagram at its simplest is a representation of a user's interaction with the system that shows the relationship between the user and the different use cases in which the user is involved. It helps keep the focus on the requirements of the end user throughout the development of the system. Normally, domain experts and business analysts should be involved for example, for modeling a banking application, a customer entity represents an actor in the application. Then they show the people, organizations, or other systems that interact with it;

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