13+ Use Case Diagram For Catering Management System

13+ Use Case Diagram For Catering Management System. A use case diagram at its simplest is a representation of a user's interaction with the system that shows the relationship between the user and the different use cases in which the user is involved. The diagram is used to model the system/subsystem of an following is a sample use case diagram representing the order management system.

Unified Modeling Language: November 2012 from 3.bp.blogspot.com

Use case diagrams consists of actors, use cases and their relationships. Learn how to make use case diagrams in this tutorial. Use cases of super admin are manage day book, manage profit, manage losss, manage interest, manage share holders, manage loaner, manage.

This uml use case diagram example shows actor and use cases for a hospital's reception.

13+ Use Case Diagram For Catering Management System. An actor is a role that a user plays with respect to the system. Or goals or problems your applications help your customers solve. This use case diagram is a graphic depiction of the interactions among the elements of finance management system. A use case diagram doesn't go into a lot of detail—for example, don't expect it to model the order in which steps are performed.

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