13+ Washing Machine Wiring Connection

13+ Washing Machine Wiring Connection. Concerning the wiring, there are many ways such a motor can be wired. Not that they didn't connect the wires to the correct terminals, but it is how the connection was made.

How to Repair | How to test a washing machine motor from www.how-to-repair.com

The issue that is causing the loud noise could be a number of different parts inside your washer. Move the washing around inside the washing machine to create a more even distribution of weight. A washing machine making a loud noise when spinning means a part has become worn out or loose.

Apply 120 volts to this connection.

13+ Washing Machine Wiring Connection. A clothes washer needs a polarized, grounded outlet wired to a dedicated circuit with its own breaker. Of late, its pcb has gone and i am not able to get it locally. I am having old washing machine which is good working till now. Wiring diagrams at 3.10 & 9.10.

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