14+ Cd4017 Pin Diagram

14+ Cd4017 Pin Diagram. Cd4017 is a 16 pin cmos decade counter/ divider. Ground pin & supply pin(pin 8 & pin 16).

CD 4017 IC-Decade Counter
CD 4017 IC-Decade Counter from www.electronicshub.org

It goes high when the counter. Two led's are connected to each ouput pins of the ic cd4017 and are connected in a manner two have a common cathode and two anodes. Ground pin & supply pin(pin 8 & pin 16).

But the reset pin is shorted with the q3 output (pin 7) so that ic will toggle between q1 and q2 outputs.

14+ Cd4017 Pin Diagram. Status package type package pins package eco plan (1) drawing qty (2). When the clock input pin 14 receives a positive pulse, first output q1 goes high as indicated. Ground pin & supply pin(pin 8 & pin 16). This ic is most popular and used many application and projects.

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