14+ L298 Stepper Motor Driver Schematic

14+ L298 Stepper Motor Driver Schematic. By driving the current in seperate directions through bipolar motors offer increased torque compared to unipolar motors. In this tutorial, you will learn how to drive dc, stepper and servo motors using an arduino l293d motor driver shield.

Stepper control board based upon L6208 from www.otocoup.com

Control a stepper motor with l298n motor driver and arduino. Stepper motor driver 2.3 | stepper motor driver 2.2 | stepper motor driver 2.1 | stepper motor driver 2.0 | stepper motor driver 1.2. High speed switching diodes for l298 ic protection.

Further the stepper motor has the advantage.

14+ L298 Stepper Motor Driver Schematic. Connect the l298n stepper driver board to a 9v…12v power. L298 stepper motor driver if the pic is the brains of this project then the l298 is the heart. The driver can drive motors with voltages from 5v to 35v with a peak current of 2a. The l298n is a motor driver ic by st microelectronics.

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