14+ Online Job Portal Use Case Diagram

14+ Online Job Portal Use Case Diagram. Uml use case diagram for online job portal system is shown below. Supports flowcharts, uml and many other diagram types.

Online Job Portal (UML Diagrams) from image.slidesharecdn.com

A use case may have many extension points, and an extending use case may extend one or more of these. Use the stivasoft job board script to create your job search. Use case diagrams model the functionality of a system using actors and use cases.

This use case diagram is not showing the difference between a simple visitor and a registered one.

14+ Online Job Portal Use Case Diagram. View items use case is extended by several optional use cases. 6 use case diagram : Start by selecting this use case diagram template, then. An online job portal where the job seekers can register themselves at the.

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