14+ Parts Of The Heart With Label

14+ Parts Of The Heart With Label. Arterial supply to the heart (red), with other areas labelled (blue). Drag and drop the text labels onto the boxes next to the heart diagram.

Parts of the heart diagram worksheet. | Teaching Resources from dryuc24b85zbr.cloudfront.net

The heart is located in between the two lungs. Anatomy of the human heart. To find a good diagram, go to google images, and type in the internal structure of the human heart.

In this interactive, you can label parts of the human heart.

14+ Parts Of The Heart With Label. It pumps blood from the heart to different parts of the body and back to the heart. Every single part of our body is so well designed, that it works continuously throughout our life. The human body is the best machine created by god. What are the chambers of the heart?

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