14+ Sequence Diagram Activation

14+ Sequence Diagram Activation. It depicts the objects involved in the scenario and the sequence of messages exchanged between the objects needed to carry out the functionality of the scenario. Place an activation bar shape on a lifeline to show when and for how long that object or participant is active in the process.

Mike Sneen's .Net Blog: UML Sequence Diagrams - Activation ...
Mike Sneen's .Net Blog: UML Sequence Diagrams – Activation … from 3.bp.blogspot.com

Sequence diagram is the most common kind of interaction diagram , which focuses on the message interchange between a number of lifelines. In order to show or hide stimulus activation, select the diagram in the model explorer or in the main window, and configure showactivation. The sequence diagram is an interaction diagram of uml.

When showsequencenumber is false, sequence diagram is shown as follows.

14+ Sequence Diagram Activation. All of these are described. The main purpose of a sequence diagram is to define event sequences that result in some desired outcome. Shortcut syntax for activation, deactivation, creation. Document and understand the logical flow of.

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