14+ Staruml Abstract Class

14+ Staruml Abstract Class. I got a problem with creating an abstract class in the design model. For example, an extension can extend menus, uis, dialogs, modeling.

Class Diagram - StarUML documentation
Class Diagram – StarUML documentation from gblobscdn.gitbook.com

Frameworks in staruml™ refer to software models that express class libraries or application frameworks like mfc. Does anyone know how to create an abstract class using staruml? I can set the class to abstract, but i cannot specify the attributes and operators in the class to static.

Model element is an abstract element of all uml model elements.

14+ Staruml Abstract Class. You can use quickedit for model element by. Is there some sort of more general concept which mirrors an abstract class? Staruml tutorial uml class diagram visio uml class diagram tutorial uml 2.0 class diagram tutorial netbeans uml class diagram. You can use quickedit for model element by.

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