15 Activity Diagram Atm Machine

15 Activity Diagram Atm Machine. This isnt the whole uml project of atm but this are the major diagrams which frequently occur in university papers. Swimlanes are used to represent the participants that take part.

Concrete (a), (b) and Abstract (c) SysML activity diagrams ...
Concrete (a), (b) and Abstract (c) SysML activity diagrams … from www.researchgate.net

The automated teller machine (atm) is an automatic banking machine (abm) that allows the customer to complete basic transactions without any help from bank representatives. I have also recently found a great activity diagram for atm system (uml) through class diagram for atm machine use case diagram for atm machine state diagram for atm system. Here a free atm withdrawal uml activity diagram template is provided for download.

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15 Activity Diagram Atm Machine. Atm this is a use case diagram template for atm. Download scientific diagram | an activity diagram for atm transfer transactions. The whole process begins at the black start circle at the top. Click on the diagram to edit online and download as image files.

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