15 Adapter Pattern Class Diagram

15 Adapter Pattern Class Diagram. In order to understand the class diagram and the different components involved in the adapter design pattern please have a look at the following. An object adapter delegates to an adaptee object.

CSC/ECE 517 Fall 2012/ch2b 2w47 am - PG_Wiki
CSC/ECE 517 Fall 2012/ch2b 2w47 am – PG_Wiki from wiki.expertiza.ncsu.edu

An adapter pattern acts as a connector between two incompatible interfaces that otherwise cannot be connected directly. I.e, the new uml diagram using the adapter pattern is shown below So what is the difference between the two implementations here?

This structural code demonstrates the adapter pattern which maps the interface of one class onto another so that they can work together.

15 Adapter Pattern Class Diagram. In this approach, we use the java inheritance and extend the source class. The solution is that several races work together using the adapter pattern, as you can see in the following uml diagram. The items in the diagram are described below That enables you to reuse an existing class that doesn't implement a.

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