15 Bouml Generate Class Diagram From Code

15 Bouml Generate Class Diagram From Code. Note this video was done with a very old free release of bouml, but the principles are unchanged even new features was added since this. If used correctly, uml precisely conveys how code should be implemented from diagrams.

Perform UML Modeling in NetBeans
Perform UML Modeling in NetBeans from d1dlalugb0z2hd.cloudfront.net

Bouml is an uml 2 tool box including a modeller that allows users to specify and generate code in they can also directly drag'n'drop java classes into class and sequence diagrams with code reverse. The tool generates structural code from the class diagram, and then adds behavioral aspects from sequence and activity diagrams. So when we need class diagram, it's smart to generate it from live code.

If yes, if someone knows about tools to generate class diagrams from existing java code i would be interested in hearing about that.

15 Bouml Generate Class Diagram From Code. Generates class diagram text compatible with plantuml with the information of all structures and interfaces as well as the relationship among them. Plantuml class diagram generator for golang projects. Want to try it on your code? Bouml has many other advanteges:

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