15 Diagram Of Stomata

15 Diagram Of Stomata. In botany, a stoma (plural = stomata) is a tiny opening or pore. Stomata has a small pore which is guarded by the guard cells.

what are stomata draw a labelled diagram of stomata write … from s3mn.mnimgs.com

Try more appealing design options and elements in the edraw free download version for an. They regulate the process of transpiration and gaseous exchange. The primary function of stomata is a gas exchange, not unlike the.

A singular opening is called a stoma.

15 Diagram Of Stomata. Almost all land plants have stomata. Stomata are small pores in plant tissue that can be opened or closed to regulate gas exchange. The guard cells control the opening question 17: 1600 x 1213 jpeg 124 кб.

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