15 Heart Cycle Diagram

15 Heart Cycle Diagram. The cardiac cycle diagram shown to the right depicts changes in aortic pressure (ap), left ventricular pressure (lvp), left atrial pressure (lap), left ventricular volume (lv vol), and heart sounds during a single cycle of cardiac contraction and relaxation. Normal anatomy of the liver.

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It means that every event in the cycle will be repeated at the interval of 0.8 sec. Events during each phase of the cardiac cycle are represented on wigger's diagram: Right and left blood flow.

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15 Heart Cycle Diagram. Cardiac cycles should be assessed at the base and apex of the heart, with specific assessment for pathologic murmurs and sounds that could provide a figure 1. The human cardiovascular system is made up of the heart, the blood it pumps, and the blood vessels, veins and arteries, through which the blood travels. Right and left blood flow. One during which the heart muscle relaxes and refills.

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