15 Schering Bridge Phasor Diagram

15 Schering Bridge Phasor Diagram. R1 = a series resistance representing loss in capacitor c1. 1.taking 1 as reference line, draw a hori#ontal line 1.

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Figure 6.12 illustrates the confi guration of a schering bridge and corresponding phasor diagram under balanced condition. The authors are with the faculty of electrical and electronic engineering, universiti tun hussein onn malaysia (uthm), 86400 parit since the cable specimen is representing as series equivalent circuit, the series equivalent circuit model with the phasor diagram is depicted as in fig. We draw (see fig 24) two orthogonal axes.

This bridge is used to measure to the capacitance of the capacitor, dissipation factor and measurement of relative permittivity.

15 Schering Bridge Phasor Diagram. Schering bridge with phasor diagram. It has the advantage that the balance equation is independent of frequency. Also the phasor diagram is frequenctly asked in question. It is an ac bridge circuit, developed by harald schering.

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