15 Sequence Diagram Food Ordering System

15 Sequence Diagram Food Ordering System. Our system can be divided into two different sequence diagram as shown below 3.internal order system. Fast food ordering system ( sequence diagram (uml)).

Online Food Ordering: Class Diagram For Online Food … from 2.bp.blogspot.com

I mean how do i implement it to my sequence diagram A data flow diagram is a graphical view of how data is processed in a system in terms of input and output. Customer can order via this block diagram of cash counter and kitchen.

A sequence diagram is a type of interaction diagram because it describes how—and in what order—a group of objects works together.

15 Sequence Diagram Food Ordering System. Internal order system reads the order once the customer confirms his order and then he communicates the order to the food preparation person. The system hierarchy indicates the sequence in which objects are activated. The atm uml diagrams solution lets you create atm solutions and uml examples. Sequence diagram for online food order system for restaurant.

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