15 Sequence Diagram Void Return

15 Sequence Diagram Void Return. A sequence diagram shows object interactions arranged in time sequence. In contrast, control objects communicate with other control objects as well as with entities and boundaries.

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The use of return messages depends on the level of detail/abstraction that is being modeled. A sequence diagram describes an interaction among a set of objects participated in a collaboration (or scenario), arranged in a chronological order; Create message this is a message that creates a new object.

That's a common uml question.

15 Sequence Diagram Void Return. There are two ways to show the return result from a message how to show it in a sequence diagram? A sequence diagram is a form of interaction diagram which shows objects as lifelines running down the page, with their interactions over time represented as messages drawn as arrows from the source lifeline to the target lifeline. Learn about sequence diagram notations, how to draw sequence diagrams and best as shown in the activation bars example, a synchronous message is used when the sender waits for the receiver to process the message and return before. A uml sequence diagram shows how a set of objects interact in a process over time.

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