15 Use Case Diagram Penjualan Minimarket

15 Use Case Diagram Penjualan Minimarket. The use case diagram is also now part of the uml. You can change your ad preferences anytime.

Contoh Use Case Diagram E-commerce – Contoh Kop from image.slidesharecdn.com

While support for business modeling was declared as one of the goals of the uml, uml specification provides no notation specific to business needs. A use case in a use case diagram is a visual representation of a distinct business functionality in a system. Use case diagram biasanya dibangun sebelum deployment diagram maupun squance diagram.

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15 Use Case Diagram Penjualan Minimarket. Because, use cases are easy to understand and provide an excellent way for communicating with customers and users as they are written in natural. Benefits of use case diagram. Later, i found out, how to use them. Contoh use case diagram toko multi jaya adalah sebuah toko yang menjual peralatan elektronik.

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