15 User Activity Diagram

15 User Activity Diagram. Activity diagrams also help to capture dynamic behavior of the system which is used to construct an operational system using both forward and reverse engineering. Activity diagrams use actions and connectors to describe your system or application as a series of actions with the control flowing sequentially from one action to the next.

activity diagram for user registration ( Activity Diagram … from app.creately.com

The kind of the frame in this case is activity. Options for the activity diagram. In the unified modeling language, activity diagrams are intended to model both computational and organizational processes (i.e., workflows).

An activity diagram visually presents a series of actions and the flow of control in a system.

15 User Activity Diagram. Sorry this page is broken. Options for the activity diagram. When the mail checking process begins user checks if mail is important or junk. In the above activity diagram, three activities are specified.

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