15 Xr2206 Function Generator Schematic

15 Xr2206 Function Generator Schematic. I watched this a couple of days ago: You could compare your schematic to this one, or maybe even build this one without modification if it fits your needs.

20MHz High Speed Function Generator
20MHz High Speed Function Generator from electronics-diy.com

Schematic diagram of function generator. After making a couple of waveform generators based on direct digital synthesizer (dds) chips ( ad9850 waveform generator & ad9833 waveform generator ) i wanted to build something which uses an older 'analogue' function generator ic. Xr2206 is a cheap function generator ic capable of producing sine, square, triangle, ramp and pulse waveforms.

The xr2006 function generator kit can produce signals within the range of 1hz to 1mhz with adjustable amplitude.

15 Xr2206 Function Generator Schematic. A function generator is an indispensable of electronics lab equipment, but unfortunately such a costly device is not within the easy reach of an average electronics hobbyist. Has anyone here done a function generator project using the xr2206 chip? Join our community of 625,000+ engineers. This is a really affordable kit.

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