12+ Speaker Protection Circuit Diagram

12+ Speaker Protection Circuit Diagram. • the speaker protection circuit requires an auxiliary voltage to be provided from a winding of the mains transformer, the value of this voltage should be between 9v ac to 12v ac. The protection circuit is mains powered via two symmetrical regulators (ic3 and ic4) which will need to be fitted with small heatsinks of the transformer secondary voltage is high.

Subwoofer Protection Circuit | Top Circuits
Subwoofer Protection Circuit | Top Circuits from 1.bp.blogspot.com

If the amplifier got any problem then this circuit can save our soundbox. If the two ends of the load and power supply are connected by wires, it is to avoid short circuit, we need to add short circuit protection circuit. It is another type of overvoltage protection where the concept can also be used not only to speakers but to any other devices that need extra aid.

I wanted a simple low cost short circuit protection circuit after the rectification stage to protect sensitive mosfets and costly transformer.

12+ Speaker Protection Circuit Diagram. Speaker protection circuit is simple yet practical to use. The short circuit protection circuit will shunt part of the current or cut off the connection. Normally when the transistor makes a short circuit the voltage comes out from the speaker output line then this circuit protects that. 1280 x 720 jpeg 101 кб.

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